Product security systems

Die Produkt sicherheitssysteme InVue machen sich die neuesten technologischen Errungenschaften in diesem Gebiet zunutze und sind gleichzeitig sehr benutzerfreundlich. InVue bietet ideale Lösungen, die den jeweiligen Sicherheitsanforderungen angepasst sind. Angefertigt sind die Systeme aus hochqualitativen Komponenten, die in der Lage sind zu gewährleisten:


Excellent presentation
of exhibited products

Efficient protection

The InVue safety systems provide the full power supply for the exhibited devices directly
rom the system – This applies to 99% of the devices on the market!

Our offer includes InVue security systems for tablets, smartphones, laptops and other electronic devices. In order to satisfy our customers, we use InVue brand securing procedures, which preserves the aesthetic value of our projects.

is a small fuse that provides high protection. Easy to install, operate and maintain. Ideal for both reflex and
point-and-shoot cameras. The open-air cable enables full interaction with the accessories.

ZIP 2.0
Provides ultra-rapid protection for high-quality electronic accessories. The great advantage of this device lies in its
longer usability because it is sufficient to replace or replace the sensor – not the entire device. The alarm sensors are
elastic and can be reused for other purposes. This backup system is available as a single or four port version.

Ideal safety solution for premium products exhibited in an interactive exposure, where customers can test the devices before
purchasing. ZIP POWER supplies the devices with several plug-in connections. This is an easy to install and manageable
system with elegant and discreet design.

High safety of simple construction. Easy to install within just 30 seconds! Once attached, the construction will hold
on any surface – where protection is needed. Any tools are not required for installation. The advantage of this system is the low
operating costs – the good quality of the lines allows a five times longer usage than that of competing products. ZIP BASIC
protects many types of products, because it has an optional flex sensor that allows the protection of bent-shape devices.